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What should I wear?

We ask that your attire be formal. Our vibe is reminiscent of the fall season such as deep reds, oranges, browns, greens, golds, blacks, and deep colors.

What time should I arrive at the ceremony?

Please arrive by 3:30pm and be in your seats no later than 3:45pm so that we may begin and end the ceremony on time, so that we can take all the time to celebrate!

Are +1s allowed?

Not everyone will be able to bring a plus one. We wish we could accommodate everyone to have a plus one, but we do have to limit our guest list.

Your RSVP will indicate if you're able to bring a plus one.

Are Kids invited

We are happy to have the kids and your family enjoy the welcome night and day at the lake with us ! Our reception will be an adults-only affair aside from our niece and nephews. If you need childcare Palisades recommends the following childcare services if you're bringing your little ones with you:


Please note that parking reservations are not required during the time of our wedding but that each room gets free parking for one car. Any additional vehicle is $35

Are there Casino’s near

Tito’s and Tita’s the answer is yes!

Crystel Bay Casino is a 30min drive from Palisades Village

Have any questions and want updates

Visit instagram @reyessantoswedding or Facebook group page Reyes Santos Wedding for the latest updates .Lastly you can contact Chantel or Elmar